As someone in recovery, I have had long term, ongoing issues with trying to lose weight and stop craving carbohydrates. One thing I have observed, and I’m not sure what the solution is, is that when I am tired, I don’t care. I just don’t care.

Looking through Brexit tinted spectacles.

“If all of this sounds like [it is] confusing and opaque, that’s because it is. And if it sounds irresponsible and risky, please be reminded that as things stand, Brexit happens in 10 days.

Finally, don’t forget that this is just act one. If the Withdrawal Agreement is eventually approved, or if Britain tumbles out of the EU without an agreement being reached, what comes next promises to be even more intractable and more bitterly fought than anything we’ve seen so far. As one well-placed EU source said of the Brexit talks to date: “This was supposed to be the easy bit.”

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A nice sunny day

or in Daily Express Land..

“A STORM hurtling towards the UK is set to unleash up to 20cm snow in parts of northern Britain as heavy rain and fierce winds batter the nation, the Met Office has warned.

A Met Office yellow weather warning is in place for rain, snow, and wind across Britain this weekend as a brutal storm heads for the UK.”


Lyrics by George Ezra.

“Merna merna shotgun,

Merna merna shotgun,

Merna merna shotgun.


And so on, and so forth.

Sing with lazy, disinterested voice for maximum comic effect.