Save the Orang Utans
Dusk in Eastville Park


Tired and grumpy

Grumpy and tired.

Working like this

Is tough when I'm wired.


I hate everyone. 

They are all too slow.

No one does what I say

And soon I'm gonna blow


If they were a little bit cleverer

Or saw things my way

The world would be fine

But they don't, so hey.


Screw them all

I'll be fine in my arrogance.

I can steer this ship alone

And be just the one who has sense.


One day they'll see 

What a genius I am

I'll be lauded as a hero

For my rather cunning plan


But until then 

I might agree

That the problem is not them

But in fact me.


Chill out 

and let go

Calm down

Don't blow.


Take some time 

to remember the beauty

And realise that no one likes me

When I get all snooty


The world will be okay

And we are all on the same side

It's time to unplug

Turn the engines off and just.....glide.


Happy weekend.


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