The Proud Father

A poem based on L'étoile ou Danseuse sur la scène by Edgar Degas

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Her toes were battered and bruised
At the expense of her art form.
The pain behind the beauty of the performance.

The proud dad looked on from the shadows
Whilst his mind drifted back to his own life
His own moments of achievements and pain-
Guns, violence, murder and money.

It was his hope
That the respectability of his daughter's diversion
Would break the cycle of the inherent lifestyle.

She never asked questions about the elephant in the room,
(Neither in fact, about the horse horse head under the duvet)

But lurking below was the dilemma of good versus evil
Performance versus pain.
The money funded the lifestyle and the glamour.
The proceeds of the patsy and the duped
Crimes of a little persuasion perhaps,
Merely the repercussions occuring when the big boys played.

One thing is for sure,
No one EVER messed with her Dad.


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