The Proud Father

A poem based on L'étoile ou Danseuse sur la scène by Edgar Degas

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Her toes were battered and bruised
At the expense of her art form.
The pain behind the beauty of the performance.

The proud dad looked on from the shadows
Whilst his mind drifted back to his own life
His own moments of achievements and pain-
Guns, violence, murder and money.

It was his hope
That the respectability of his daughter's diversion
Would break the cycle of the inherent lifestyle.

She never asked questions about the elephant in the room,
(Neither in fact, about the horse horse head under the duvet)

But lurking below was the dilemma of good versus evil
Performance versus pain.
The money funded the lifestyle and the glamour.
The proceeds of the patsy and the duped
Crimes of a little persuasion perhaps,
Merely the repercussions occuring when the big boys played.

One thing is for sure,
No one EVER messed with her Dad.


You're such a f*cking snowflake

Way too sensitive and offended

Man up, we are not all unique

Or in an ambulance, I'll get you sended. 


Because I don't like snowflakes

I hate my life you see.

Life sucks and then you die

And I want you to hate yourself, like me


I love Donald Trump

He says just what it's like. 

His mouth is like an exocet

He'll have your libtard head on a spike


Your empathy and dreams

Are offensive and boring

Hate is where the grown ups live

And everyone should be warring.


Us against them

And knee deep in blame

I don't have to like you

Because we are not all the same


Differences scare me, 

I don't like the unknown

If you try using clever words 

I just get all muddled and thrown 


So I diss the things

That are are progressive and new

My views stuck in the past,

The old traditions, right and true.


I can spew hatred and venom

And be ridiculously offensive

Then blame you for reacting

And being weak and offended


I have the perfect alibi now

And you dare call me a liar

I can't improve my life

So instead, I'll just piss on your fire.


Please just hug me

I can't control the hate

I want to let it all go

And learn to love, before it's too late.


7 and a half billion people in this world

If not snowflakes, then simply unique

Better to stand out than fit in

So go crazy and embrace your inner freak.



Tired and grumpy

Grumpy and tired.

Working like this

Is tough when I'm wired.


I hate everyone. 

They are all too slow.

No one does what I say

And soon I'm gonna blow


If they were a little bit cleverer

Or saw things my way

The world would be fine

But they don't, so hey.


Screw them all

I'll be fine in my arrogance.

I can steer this ship alone

And be just the one who has sense.


One day they'll see 

What a genius I am

I'll be lauded as a hero

For my rather cunning plan


But until then 

I might agree

That the problem is not them

But in fact me.


Chill out 

and let go

Calm down

Don't blow.


Take some time 

to remember the beauty

And realise that no one likes me

When I get all snooty


The world will be okay

And we are all on the same side

It's time to unplug

Turn the engines off and just.....glide.


Happy weekend.

Save the Orang Utans

Today I learnt from a nature documentary

That I kill Orang Utans by having wraps for tea

And a man who looks plastic and shiny

Raised a million pounds singing karaoke. 


The money will be spent on children in need. 

Victims of circumstance and corporate greed.

I stacked some chairs at the end of the day

And raced a virtual car so I guess everything's okay. 


The lights are on and somebody's home

For my misdemeanours to Orang Utans, I'd like to atone

So I bought some peanut butter marmite and checked the ingredients with dread. 

It just had Peanut Oil in. Maybe that kills antelopes instead. 

Whilst cleaning the sieve.

One dank autumn evening,
whilst cleaning the sieve,
I pondered the peril,
in the places we live

The water flows through
the little square gaps
Of metal that's mined
from strange places on maps.

The metal is teased and turned;
And loaded on trucks
by minimum wagers
who just dont give no fucks.

The water flowed from the sky
through the rivers and streams
And went right through the sieve
Down the plug hole with our dreams.

The water is heated by gas from the ground
And up through the pipes
With soft pressure all round.

The spark creates heat
And the water is heated
But Extinction Rebellion -
Their posture is seated.

My life ticks away
as the crud gets stuck
Those little square gaps
Are not clearing with luck.

The planet getting warmer,
The resources are used
And the doom laden earth
Is dying, I mused.

Too many people
And too many sieves
But the world keeps turning
And with Grace, I lives.

The suffering and impermanence
Are facts of our time
And yet love shines through
The shit and the slime.

Surrender the ego
Let go of the pain
For through washing things up
Contentment comes, peace reins.